What Is CCNP Certification?

CCNP Certification

Are you an IT engineer or want to improve your skills with some interesting qualifications? Well, a certified network called Cisco provides a CCNP certification for those who want to grow their professional knowledge and experience. The Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is abbreviated as CCNP. The certificate is available for IT professionals.

But to get this, the student should have one year of professional networking experience. If one is a high school student, then or have an equivalent diploma for qualifying. Professionals who want to learn more about Cisco’s high-end network solutions can take advantage of this CCNP certificate. One can get good exam dumps from ExamHighPass and can practice them.

CCNP- An Overview!

Cisco is the number one company worldwide for CCNP routing and switching certification. It proves the holder can plan, verify, install and troubleshoot with wide and local area networks. Also, one can develop high-quality voice, video, and wireless solutions by collaborating with specialists. The CCNP routing and switching certification will work best for you if you already have experience working for one or more years.

One can utilize various skills for their perfect role in system engineering, network engineering, and support engineering. With this course, you can gain a solid idea or understanding of routing and switching protocols. After that, you can build the skill that will be relevant for your future. As a result of this certification, you can gain knowledge of both physical and virtual networks.

All You Need To Know About CCNP 350 – 401 ENCOR Exam!

Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) is a course that provides the proper knowledge you need to troubleshoot, configure, and also to manage enterprise wireless & wired network. Furthermore, you will also learn how to use SD access and SD-WAN solutions to overlays the network design to implement security principles. Finally, as a part of four new cisco certifications, you will help you prepare for CCNP 350 – 401 ENCOR Exam.

Duration of CCNP 350 – 401 ENCOR Exam:

·        The Instruction Training:

The course consists of 5-day classroom instructions and three days of self-studies.

·        Virtual Instruction Training:

It is five days online course with lab practice; you also have to do some self-studies.

·        Electronic learning:

It is equal to 8 days of video content practice, and you will also have some challenges.

Benefits of CCNP 350 – 401 ENCOR Exam:

The CCNP 350-401 course will help you with benefits like:

  • Network configuration, troubleshooting, and management for enterprises.
  • An enterprise network should implement security principles.

Reasons Why CCNP Key To Success!

The CCNP allows you to increase your success rate in the network industry. For instance, if you are an executive or a manager, it will be most useful to increase your skill set. On the other hand, you may also want to prepare and enhance your network career by getting a certification from Cisco.

1.     High Availability Of Jobs:

If you want to keep your name in the soaring Cisco industry, then it means that you have to have at least one CCNP certification. Moreover, if you are highly dedicated to this industry, it is a sure fact that the future of your job will be high in the sky. This is because a certification from Cisco will demonstrate how well you can handle the network and, in turn, achieve amazing results.

2.     High Salary Potential:

If you want to boost your salary level, get your hands on the CCNP certification from Cisco. It means that it will be a huge boost for your career. If you want to change your career path or even if you want to work for a higher-paying salary position, then get this certification as soon as possible.

3.     Enhance Your Skills:

The CCNP certification will enhance your skills in multiple ways. For instance, it will boost the chance of working on high-end network solutions from Cisco, which can be utilized in both virtual and physical network environments. In addition, it also enhances your practical knowledge, which is relevant to the new technologies of the internet of things and cloud networking environments.

4.     Enhance Your Network Knowledge:

Throughout this certification course, you will be trained by the world’s best. You will enhance your knowledge and labor ability through instructor and online training. The instructor guides you on all the topics related to networking and helps you with many tips, tricks, hints, and other knowledge that can be helpful for your career growth.

5.     Profound Your Computer Knowledge:

If you are going to become a Cisco-certified professional, then you must know about computer skills in depth. You should have a deep knowledge of operating systems, networks, and IT infrastructure. This certification will show your knowledge level, which the headhunting professionals highly appreciate.

You can learn and continue to give some available Exam Dumps at ExamHighPass, which will help you enhance your knowledge.

7 Smart Tips To Pass CCNP Exam In 1st Attempt

As you know, CCNP is one of the most popular courses in the industry. It is a high-end certification, and we can say in a few words that CCNP holders are in high demand. So, if you want to pass this exam, then we have some tips that you may follow:

1.     Gain In-depth Knowledge Of CCNP:

The first and foremost thing you must do is gain a good understanding of all the course materials. It will be highly recommended for you to go through all the study materials thoroughly. The more detailed and in-depth knowledge of CCNP, the more you will be prepared to pass the exam.

2.     Prepare A Schedule:

The next step is to create your schedule according to the course material. If possible, try and make an out-of-office plan and stick to it. This way, it will be easy for you to focus on studying without any interruptions or tension, which will be highly beneficial for your career growth.

3.     Try To Gain Hands-on Experience:

You can also try to gain hands-on experience and implement the skills in real-life environments. If you are willing to get some field experience, then it means that you are serious about your career growth.

4.     Use Social Media:

You can also try to include social media in studying for the CCNP exam. First, you can try the best social media channel called YouTube. You can subscribe to Jeremy’s IT lab if you want to gain extra knowledge. Social media is an amazing way to learn and learn fast, and Cisco professionals widely accept it. So, if you want a boost in your knowledge, you should use social media as much as possible to increase your knowledge of CCNP exam material.

5.     Take Lots Of Practice Exams:

Another great way is for you to take as many practice exams as possible, which will help you improve your skills. The more you practice, the better your chances of passing this exam.

6.     Work On The Weakness:

Another great way to improve your CCNP exam is by working on all the weak areas of the study material. By doing this, your skills will be enhanced, and you can easily get an edge over the other candidates in all areas of study material.

7.     Try To Relax:

Continuous learning can make you feel frustrated sometimes, and you must take a break and relax. You can also take a day off from studies and try to get some relaxation. The more relaxed you will be, the more your focus will be stable and the better results you can expect in passing the exam.


  1. What Is The Cost Of Preparing For the CCNP Exam?

The cost of preparation for the CCNP exam will depend on the resources you will use to prepare for it. The cost is usually charged per exam, and if you sign up for practice exams, you can expect that the cost will be higher.

  • What Is The Duration Of the CCNP Exam?

The duration of the CCNP exam will not exceed more than 90 minutes. Therefore, your overall performance in this exam depends on how well you prepare and how quickly you will complete the test.

  • Who Is Eligible To Give This Exam?

If you have already cleared the other sub-exams from Cisco, then you are eligible to give this exam. The exam will also depend on your performance in the other exams. If you have cleared most of the exams from Cisco, then you are eligible to give this exam.

  • What Is The Passing Score For CCNP Exam?

The passing score for this exam is 75%, which means that if you can clear the required percentage of questions, it will be considered cleared by the system.


Thousands of candidates want to pass the CCNP exam, and this is one of the most important steps for all those candidates. As a result, Cisco certification exams have become an international need in the IT industry.

So, if you are looking forward to enhancing your career growth and wish to be regarded as an ace professional, then we strongly recommend ExamHighPass, which will help you with Exam Jumps and best practices.


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