What Is CCNA Certification?

CCNA Certification

The CCNA Certification is a networking certification that you can prepare to enter the different IT roles like network administrator, network specialist, or network engineer. The CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, a certification Cisco gives. It is a world-famous company which manufactures the best network equipment. The certificate helps you learn about a wide range of topics like LAN/WAN/WLAN, TCP/IP model, Network Utilities, VLANs and trucking, and NAT and ACLs. You will get all the fundamental knowledge about the role you want in the IT position and in order to get the certification, it would be ideal to get exam dumps offered by ExamHighPass.

Key Facts Of CCNA Certification

  1. One CCNA 200-301 exam should be cleared if you want CCNA certification.
  2. The exam cost $300, including the tax.
  3. No essential qualification is needed to appear in the CCNA exam, but it is necessary to have some computer network knowledge and experience.
  4. After completing this course, you can find about 6000 to 9000 jobs on Glassdoor, and Indeed wants candidates with this CCNA certificate.

Advantages Of CCNA Course

  1. With this course, you can learn how to deal with different types of networks.
  2. You will get familiar with the basics of security, networking, and automation.
  3. The certificate of CCNA 200-301 for exam high pass will be granted to you.

Topics Covered In CCNA Certification

In 2013, Cisco changed the certification process to select the eligible people for the job roles. If you choose to give CCNA exam, then you have to prepare for the topics like:

  1. CCNA Cloud is an essential topic that focuses on the entry-level exam that helps you understand managing and deploying Cisco cloud solutions. This also flourishes the changes going on in the technology.
  2. CCNA Collaboration: in this topic, people work on the convergence of various media channels like voice, data, video, and mobile applications. It is a suitable topic to learn with IP technology, network engineering, and network sectors.
  3. Cyber Ops: This topic helps you learn about processing and detecting various cyber security events. The main role you will get after the exam is security center staff and cyber security analyst.
  4. Data Center: the topic includes data center network diagram, equipment maintenance, design center, and hardware deployment.
  5. CCNA Redirecting And Routing: This foundational CCNA exam covers the initial areas of certificate programs. It helps you cover the basic knowledge of network technology and helps you build a solid starting of your career.
  6. CCNA Security: it is for validating the skills of all the network threats, vulnerabilities test, building infrastructure, and designs for the security issues. The components of this exam are confidentiality, making data available on the network, and integrity.
  7. Service Provider CCNA: This topic is designed for the people or businesses that provide network engineering, maintenance as a service, and deployment. This is because you must learn more about the latest technology and other services.

How To Prepare For The CCNA Exam?

If you want to prepare for the exam, you can have various options for your studies. Exam Dumps are provided by ExamHighPass available at very reasonable cost. To pass the test, you have to understand the criteria related to this test.

1.      Get Training Under Professional Guidance:

This is the best option available for your training. At Cisco Training Center, we provide the best service for candidates who want to take the CCNA exam training. If you want a detailed exam study, you can contact us without any hesitation and get an individualized plan from our expert trainers.

2.      Get Exam Dumps:

You can also order our dumps to get details about the exam as well as the syllabus according record set by Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-301 exams.

3.      Order Free Practice Test:

FOur professional trainers design free practice tests for you to get the best preparation for the exam. It allows you to reflect on your progress and examine your mastery of topics in the course.

4.      Get Help From Forums:

If you want more information about the Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-301 exam, you can easily get help from forums where many people post their experiences with CCNA certification.

5.      Get More From Online Community:

If you want more knowledge and experience about CCNA certification, you can find more information in the community of IT experts.

6.      Learn About Your Weakness:

You can reflect on your weakness in the exam by getting help from our trainers for the preparatory exam session. You can also pass your test with our best training methodologies.

7.      Don’t Stress Before Exam:

You need to prepare for the exam with full concentration. You cannot do anything else during the study because you have to solve all the problems related to the exam. Therefore, if you want a 100 percent success rate, you must pass the exam with your preparation, and a good student is always ready for tests.

How You Will Receive CCNA Certification?

If you want to become CCNA certified, then you will have to give the exam 200-301 CCNA that Cisco offers and for this you need to follow top-notch YouTube channel Jeremys IT Lab. You can get all the important information about the exam from your Cisco training center. After passing the exam, you will get a CCNA certification card at your doorstep. The card will contain your name, email address, and a photo of you. The validity of this card is three years, after which you have to give the next exam to renew the CCNA certification. But you need some experience to apply for the exams as follows:

  • You should have at least a year of experience implementing and using Cisco solutions and products.
  • You must be aware of the knowledge of IP addressing.
  • The knowledge of network fundamentals is also necessary.

Final Verdict

CCNA certification is a great achievement for the candidate. After passing this exam, you will get a good career opportunity at Cisco. You can also use your skills for other job roles that require you to master working on the Cisco products. The benefits of the certificate are amazing because one has to provide many services like security, networking, and automation.

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